Norman's Cay 4

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 4 Jan 2011 13:10
Dec. 30, 2010
We had coffee and lifted anchor to move to the west side of the island.  The E wind was light, but threatened to strengthen.  There were 9 other boats already.  The day was warm, sunny, with a light wind.  Perfect weather for a walk.   The island walk was invigorating and although we'd been here many times before, we revisited the old drug lord sites, the hotel, the waterfront bar and grill, the workers' residences.  Nothing changed, although everything was more ramshackle.  We wondered again why such a wonderful place was allowed to fall apart.  The planned development of the island had gone to the wayside with the fall of the US economy.  How many sites had Lehman Bros. financed? When we returned, the anchorage held about 22 boats, mainly sail.  Mainly flying Canadian flags.  A huge local party for 110 was planned for tonight at McDuff's and another private event tomorrow night, closing it to the public for New Year's.  But McDuff's promised fireworks to bring in 2011.