A Social Day in Georgetown

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 22 Feb 2011 15:58
Feb. 20, 2011
Today we went ashore to visit our land pals, Paul and Melanie.   They own a big piece of the end of nearby Elizabeth Island and have a wonderful home there, complete with garden.  They call it Top of the World.  Tide is very extreme low due to the full moon, so we enjoyed a shore walk/wade.  Shells, sea creatures, a few bottles.  They split their time between Massachusetts and here.  Totally self sufficient like a small city, they generate their own electricity, make their own water, grow their food.  While their home is beautiful, it is the property that is the most special.  One side is on the Exuma Sound, another on the inner Elizabeth Harbour, and the last is on the cut between.  Miles of beaches, reefs and a few gazebos invite.  They also have a enclosed lagoon leading to the house.   Their power catamaran Kiwi is berthed there.  They occasionally run Kiwi  here, but the big trip is from here to Boston, then back again next fall.     Sipping iced tea on the patio, we were reluctant to leave.  Few places would give land lust like this one. But we returned to Amber Isle for a light supper before hopping back into the dinghy to go 2 miles down to Hamburger Beach.  (there are three main beach areas:  Hamburger Beach, Volleyball Beach, and Sand Dollar Beach, where we are anchored) We donned long pants and sweaters, and carried jackets.  A jam session was planned at the local beach bar Sand Bar.  The rickety old dock was loaded with dinghies.  The beach also was covered with the little boats.  A hundred people crammed onto the bar's small deck to watch the entertainment.  Bar owner served hot wings and drinks.  Many of the cruisers are professional musicians, and more play as a hobby, so we were not disappointed.  Folks danced and sang along.  We'd hoped to see sax player Andy from Cisu, and guitarist Steve from Mir Dina, but neither was there.  Mick and Mary from Excargot were there to celebrate Mick's 65th birthday.  We left before it ended and went home with the SE winds howling.  I described it as a blizzard with no snow.  Although some would say that was an exaggeration.  Especially those who have endured a cold winter back home.