More Lee Stocking Island

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 3 May 2011 15:05
Reluctantly, slowly, we are creeping northward.  But we love this spot and decided to stay a few days.  Last here in February, it is always such mixed feelings returning to places that originally led us south.  Sad farewells abound.  Cruisers leave for many destinations, all called, "home".  We pull anchor from favorite anchorages we may never return to.  Will this year be the last?  It is a question we ask every year.  Eager to fill up the memory banks to full, we swim, snorkel, hike, fish, then do it all again.  The water is warm and welcoming so we swim, then go back for seconds, again and again.  The water drains all energy and we exit thirsty, starved, and tired.  Luckily we'd packed a nice shore lunch.  We were also delighted to see so many reefs regrowing bright coral.  Of course, the fish don't care, they'll live on a bare rock if it shelters them. 
Last night a big squall came up, and lingered over us most of the night.  The torrential rains, the 25k winds.  We'd close up the boat, then open it as the rains stopped and started.  The winds howled.  But we'd anticipated some winds and let out another 20' of chain earlier that day.  The boat swung merrily on its rode, but the anchor held tight.  At sun up, the clouds were gone, but the wind was still there.  Lighter, but blowy.  ENE winds are probably the worst direction for us to go NW as we follow the Exuma Cays chain.  The ENE winds hit our beam, and the waves rock us side to side.   We may stay put until the waves and wind speed taper off.