Leaving Conception

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 3 Apr 2009 17:21
23:48.10N 075:08.80W

April 3, 2009
Awoke to slight roll. Sometimes it becomes impossible to stay along side
these islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You can't
stay, and the island in best direction is bad. The rest range between awful
and terrible. We like it less than 2", but this was about 3-5'. It is not
as bad as it sounds, the swells are spaced far apart, and there was little
wind wave. We decided that Rum Cay, our original destination, was simply
bad, and headed out for it in a ESE heading. So we skipped out coffee
ritual, took the pot with us, and had traveler's breakfast of toast smeared
with butter, peanut better, or coconut pineapple jam. "Pirate" left about
an hour earlier, and the report they gave was, "Rough as a cob out here."
At first it was merely lumpy, then became cobby. (As in corn cob?)
Searching the horizon, we saw no "camels" or "elephants," nautical slang
for waves and their comparable size and continued on. Soon "Amber Isle",
always the lady, began to tiptoe through the swells. We rose and fell in a
rhythm to the swells. "Pirate" hollered through the VFH radio,<"Fish on!"
He was due to catch a fish today.Valt had four fishing lines, out, too.
Last evening we delivered some weather reports to a German Couple aboard
"Bunter Vogel." They were heading south to Jamaica. They invited us in for
a drink to think us. Weather reports are like gold here, and we subscribe to
weather service using the computer and the satellite phone. They regaled
us with tales of sailing to New Zealand, and the South Pacific.