Thompson Bay 2

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 17 Mar 2011 15:52
We are enjoying the company and the relative peace in the Bay.  We shared a pork roast dinner with Bob and Penny from Pretty Penny at their boat Sunday evening.  Monday was a chore day aboard Amber Isle.  Then Amie and Nancy from Southern Estate came for dinner here.  Both nights were fun.  Tuesday we drove back into the settlement for hair cuts.  The stylist, a white Bahamian, Marcie Fox was very good.  Her husband, Roger, was the fisherman we met at the dock the other day.  He also owns her building, the local marine store, the insurance company, and the auto dealer.  The Long Islanders pride themselves on a hard work ethic.  The weather is perfect in our little bay anchored behind the hillside.  But I am sure that big NE swell is lurking just outside.  Although we do need to check back in with immigration someday this week, we can do that at Long Island if needed.  Immigration is located about 20 miles north of us, and would require renting a car, hitchhiking, or moving the boat back to the north. The alternative is to sail back to Georgetown and taxi back to the airport there.  Either is a pain.   Today the Georgetown to Long Island cruisers' sailboat regatta left Georgetown at 8:00am.  The first is expected to arrive here at 1:00pm.  Southern Estate is acting as the committee boat, and are now anchored at the entrance to Thompson Bay where they placed a finish line mark.  They will record the arrival time of each racer.  Several events are planned around the rally, including an awards ceremony at Long Island Breeze Resort.