Key West to Marco Island

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 11 Jun 2009 15:43

June 8, 2009
We left Key West before first light at about 5:30 am. Once we cleared the
shallows and the tiny islands, we were in very calm seas. Maybe the best
crossing we've had in these waters. The trip was uneventful. A seagull
stopped on the bow to rest a few hours and he and Valt made friends. He
gave him fresh water and some granola. They chatted, and the gull allowed
Valt to come within a few feet while he dozed. At 7:00pm we pulled into
the inlet at Marco Island and followed the side channel to our anchorage.
The shoreline is shallow here, and we watched the birds getting their last
fishing of the day. A heron with a pink neck and head caught our eye as he
ran around in the shallows, flapping his wings. Since herons are usually
very dignified, this seemed odd. A look into our Audubon Society Bird Book
told us it was a Red Colored Egret. We watched pelicans do neck breaking
dives. It was like a bird sanctuary. Then a dolphin floated by, moving
along quickly with the strong tidal current. The grand finale came when a
pair of huge purplish manatees swam by, raising their grotesque heads out of
the water to breathe. It was like National Geographic, without the