The Gulf Stream: Miami to Bimini

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 15 Feb 2009 16:42
25:34.169N 079:18.155W

Fri. Feb. 13, 2009

By 4:30 am we were heading out the Government Cut in Miami Harbor. Suddenly
Manhattan Island, all lighted up, was bearing down on us. It turned out to
be the cruise ship "Norwegian Sky." Hugging the edge of the buoyed channel,
we rocked abruptly in the wake she made. It was already 71 degrees, and
with a full moon, it was not really dark. More like charcoal, which turned
to dove grey, then bright robin's egg blue. Sunrise at sea is an amazing
thing! The water got deeper and deeper, til our depth sounder could not see
bottom and simply read "deep." It was a gorgeous indigo blue. No other
recreational boats were out at that early hour. The winds were less than 5
knots, and the sea was less than 1'. It did kick up to maybe 2" when we
reached the Gulf Stream. A truly wonderful crossing. We congratulated
ourselves on picking the best crossing day of the month. After 45 miles, we
reached Bimini. Instantly the water turned a bright aqua. Cutting through
the narrow, shallow channel, we found 6' of water. The radio crackled and
we heard the sweet sound of lilting Bahamian voices. We had made it to the