Crossing Gulf of Mexico

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 28 Jun 2009 18:56
June 12, 2009
Valt woke slightly congested with the beginning of a cold at 5:30am. That
decided for us. Better to cross the Gulf of Mexico now that later. Valt
brewed the first coffee in our new pot. It was surprisingly good. We
checked the NOAA weather forecast, did a few minor chores, paid our bill,
and pulled out of our slip at about 7:30am We'd plan to arrive in
Apalachicola at about 11:00am Sat. morning. We'd take naps off and of
today, then go to 6 hours watches overnight. We called Dave with our float
plan and were off. The forecast was of 2' seas out of the WNW for the next
4 days. Although 2' on land is high, on sea it is calm.
We took our naps, and each took a 6 hour night watch. There was little traffic, no radio conversations, nothing. We neared Apalachicola as planned at 11:00am and decided to continue on to Crooked Island, another 6 hours run. Imagine our surprise when we saw the 61' Tollycraft: "Alexandra" we'd seen in Venice Beach. They were on the radio before we'd set anchor, inviting us over for a visit.
We enjoyed a tour of their lovely boat, and discovered it was the same boat we'd heard on in Ft. Lauderdale, and the same one Larry and Ulla had made an offer on. The boating world is so small. We took a long beach walk,gathered shells, and did not leave for Panama City til after 3:00pm next day. From there we went to Shell Island, another favorite uninhabited island. A sudden rain shower kept us inside. Monday morning we would go to the Panama City Marina to shop, go to the post office, get motor oil delivered, and visit with Lisa Carter and her family. They came for dinner and we eagerly caught up on all the news. It was a short stay, and we left Tuesday morning for Fairhope Yacht Club in Mobile Bay.