Stormy, Stormy Night

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 27 Apr 2011 00:52
April 25, 2011
We awoke at 5am to heavy rains. It seems that bad weather always comes at night here.   After checking for any open windows or portlights we looked outside to check our approximate position.  A small sailboat, Elaine B, hailing from Missouri,  had tucked up along our port side earlier that evening.  He was really too close, especially with the unpredictable winds that accompany a squall.  He displayed no anchor light.  He could become a problem if the winds went more south, but nothing could be done about it for now.  Otherwise, there were no changes in the anchorage.  We turned on the instrument panel and noted we were still in 9-10' water at half tide.  The altimeter read 18=19k with gusts to 21k.  21k is not an issue in a secure, lee side anchorage.  The island blocks the wind waves and even much of the wind itself.  All was good.  Back in bed, the rain resumed. At home, rain is at worst, a nuisance.  Here it means a free boat wash, using much more water than we could.  Many go out during the rain and mop the boat.  The  bad part is that it often brings high winds, causing poorly anchored boats to drag and disrupt the tranquility of the anchorage.   But tonight, even newly arrived Elaine B held firm.  
Family Island Regatta was in full swing Sunday.  People had come from all over the Bahamas for the week long event.  Speed boats zipped through the anchorage. rocking anchored boats with their wake.  Their Bahamian captains wanted to show off their beautiful rides.  Our nearby tiki bar, the Sand Bar became their favorite destination.  Owner, Alvan, cranked up the music to eardrum bursting and attracted even more native visitors.  But by dark, the last of the local partiers headed back to the mainland:  most black Bahamians are afraid of the water, especially at night. 
Easter dinner was a success aboard Pirate.  Jim roasted the ham on his BBQ grill.  Each guest brought a special dish, broccoli salad, fresh tomatoes with mozzarella, steamed carrots, green beans with ham and onions, fresh Bahamian coconut bread, appetizers, and my sweet potatoes with brown sugar and rum glaze.  Janie baked a rum cake to top it off.  Good conversations flowed.