Rum Cay Back to Georgetown

Ambler Isle
V and S
Tue 7 Apr 2009 14:03
23:34.3N 075:48.50W
April 6, 2009
We received a gift of three spectacular days at a wonderful anchorage
and were sad to leave it. Valt had marked the entrance through the reef on
the electronic chart plotter and easily navigated out of the anchorage and
into the deep. Immediately he began fishing with four lines trailing out
the back.
The day was another calm one, but a cold front is expected on Tuesday
evening, and brings with it not cold, but high winds. These higher winds
clock around in a clockwise direction, and can turn a perfect anchorage into
a bad one. The high winds continue for several days. We will probably
return to Georgetown by that time. But the weather is much warmer now, and
the water temperature is about 80 degrees. Besides our daily beach walk, we
now can snorkel everyday. And fish.