NW Light to Nassau

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 18 Dec 2010 16:33
25 05 510N
We exited the Great Bahama Bank at the NW Light Passage and entered the NE Providence Channel.  Immediately the waters changed, and we were in 5' seas on the nose. We put down all the lamps, pictures, décor, and shell baskets.  Even the dishes had to be removed from the cupboards! It became impossible to head directly to Nassau.  Instead we headed to Lyford Cay, at the west end of New Providence Island.  But that was not a good course either, and we ended up anchoring in the middle of those two points at Delacourt Bay.  Reefs abounded in the bay, but the GPS guided us through the maze and we anchored for the night.  It was blessedly calm after the rough day we'd had.  But that changed yet again at 3:00am.  Once more the seas kicked up.  It was too early, too dark, to go to Nassau.  We had to wait it out til 7:00am to move.  Once we started moving, the seas were on our port beam.  One very intense wave tilted the boat and the heavy cocktail table in the salon tipped over!  What a relief to finally get inside the Nassau Harbour and tie up at our favorite place, Nassau Harbour Club.