Panama City, Florida to Start of River System

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 1 Jul 2009 13:11
June 19, 2009
After Panamac City, we took the ICW for a couple days til we reached
Fairhope Yacht Club. It is a favorite stop every year. This time we opted
to stay an extra day. This gave us a chance to rest up from the trip and
wash the last of the saltwater off the boat. The folks here are so nice.
As a reciprocating yacht club, they honor our Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club
membership. This gives us one night dockage free and the second night
for $12. We could also use their beautiful new saltwater pool, and enjoy
gournet treats in their restaurant. We pushed off at 5:30 am and were soon
in the heart of the Port of Mobile. Very commercial, there are huge
barges, Ocean transporters, and shipyards all along the riverfront. Big
trees floated in the water. Not a pretty sight.
Meanwhile we got word that my brother-in-law Ron was having open heart
surgery. The landscape seemed to match our mood.
We would anchor today at David's Lake and hope to get a coating of wax on
the bow hull to ward off the brown "mustache" that colors the front of the
boat after a while on the rivers. The trees that constantly fall into the
water make a tea-like brew.