Georgetown 2

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 24 Feb 2011 15:53
Feb 2011
We'd hoped to go to Conception Island, Long Island and maybe Rum Cay.  Many folks had the same idea.  We awoke to a boat parade stretching out in both directions.  A dozen boats left our anchorage from Sand Dollar.  We decided to stay.  First, all the places we like to go have fairly limited anchorage.  Also, although the weather seemed good for the next 4-5 days, another front promises to bring more 30k N winds.  Either we'd have to come back to Georgetown after just a couple days, or stay in Salt Pond for possible a week or more.  Salt Pond is in southern Long Island and is very shallow.  We would not be able to swim, dive, or fish there.  This is a great place for 1-2 days.  For longer stays, it is just too enclosed a harbour.  Decision made, we opted to improve our place in the anchorage.  After so many boats departed, several gaping holes appeared.  We weighed anchor and headed for the one closest to the beach.  As I stood on the bow, ready to drop anchor, a sailor aboard Sequence yelled out to me, "Maam, I have two anchors out."  I gave him the high sign: we would maintain our distance.  "And my wife is allergic to diesel fumes." he continued.  Well, isn't everyone?  Isn't is deadly to inhale fumes?  I waved cheerfully.  Another sailor some 200 yards away watched us with hands on his hips. He did not seem pleased to have a power boat in the area, either.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  We would anchor where we pleased.  Of course, with all eyes upon us, the first attempt we did not set.  So we hoisted anchor and tried again.  This time we ended up in the wrong place.  The third time was the charm.   We then attached the bridle, checked the anchor set with the look bucket and went for a ride.  When we returned later that afternoon, 6 more boats had joined our little corner.  I am sure the sailors were livid. haha  Nearest to us was Pretty Penny with Bob and Penny aboard, old pals from Staniel Cay.    Also nearby was sailboat Blue Heaven.  He was riding around in his dinghy peering into the water, looking for a better anchorage.  We guessed he was worried about being so close.  We motioned him over to say he was fine, as far as we were concerned, and should not move on our account.  Turns out he was good friends with the folks on Sequence.  He stayed.