Sandals Emerald Bay to Georgetown

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 31 Mar 2011 00:42
March 27, 2011
Reluctantly we pulled anchor and headed east a few miles into the deep ocean water of Exuma Sound.  The anchorage had been so different from anything we'd seen in the Bahamas.  But Mahi was calling from the sea.  The ride to Georgetown was only about 8 miles, so we extended the trip by trolling back and forth along the drop off.  We saw the rare tropicbirds here, miles away from land.  They were fishing.  Sitting on the surface they raised their long tail feathers about a 45 degree angle and waited for a small fish to come by.  We began seeing one or two, then flocks of 30.  But although we disturbed the flock several times by dragging our lines near them, we got not even a nibble.  After checking the horizon with binoculars, we sat in the back cockpit to watch the lines.  Every few minutes we would look around the boat to make sure the route was clear.  Suddenly three Mahi spotted our lures and leaped out of the water in glee.  Only one got the prize and soon we'd landed it in the boat.  Covering its eyes with a wet towel, we doused the gills with rum.  Soon it lay motionless on the deck.  I set up the fillet table and went to work filleting, skinning, then carefully trimming the fish.  We hate to waste a morsel.  A quick vacuum sealing the fish into 2 portion packs, then they were frozen.  I saved out enough fish for two dinners and put them in the fridge.  They'd keep a long time that way, even though I was sure we'd have Mahi dinner the next couple nights.  By this time we are at the entrance to Conch Cay Cut, our gateway to Georgetown.  Friends Jim and Janie from Pirate, met us at the monument anchorage in their dinghy.  Janie even put on a little flash show.  We followed them to a spot near their boat and dropped anchor near the beach in 9'.  It had been about 6 weeks since we left them in Staniel Cay.  They'd stayed in Staniel the entire time.  They invited us to join them at the Sand Bar for the weekly Sunday jam session.  Although tired from our fishing trip, we agreed to go.  The usual entertainers, including songstress Callie were there.  She sang many songs, and ended with her rendition of Bobby McGee.  Then Teri from Bodett regaled us with several naughty tunes of her own.  As always we were impressed with the talent here.  Monday we went to Jim and Janie's for Mexican dinner.  They introduced us to their friends Ray and Susan on 65' Hatteras No Agenda, and Tim and Ali from 47' M/Y Gulfstar My Fine Ali.  Although Rocking Ron and Kool Karen from SeaDancer were hosting the last dance of the season at Chat N Chill Bar that night, we didn't leave Pirate til about 11pm and missed the dance.  Phew with this hectic schedule we can only be in Georgetown.