Hawksbll Cay to Staniel Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 1 Mar 2009 13:32
24:11.626N 076:27.331W

Feb. 27, 2009
Decisions, decisions. Even in the Bahamas we have to decide somethings.
Like where to be.
The weatherman was offering Saturday and Sunday as two great fishing days.
However, we are at Hawksbill Cay which is located in the Exuma Land and Sea
Park. No fishing is permitted up to four miles offshore in both directions.
So to fish, we have to move south. But the weather will turn Sunday night,
so we have to move to a sheltered anchorage. Staniel Cay, some 20 miles to
the south meets both these requirements. So we weighed anchor and headed
out. It was surprisingly rolly on the Exuma Bank side. Maybe 3-5' on our
port beam. The sea mist covered the freshly washed boat with every wave. Lamps had to be
put down, the dishes rattled merrily in the cupboards. We latched all the
doors. After 13 miles, we changed course slightly to the southeast, heading into the waves. The ride was much smoother. The sun was out,
Valt was trolling for a fish. We entered the cut past the Staniel Cay
Yacht Club, past the mooring balls at Club thunderball, and past the
thunderball Grotto unil we came to the Crown of Thorns. This is a huge rock
jutting out of the water with a stake on it. One of the few markers in the
whole Bahamas. We entered the anchorage between the Majors, and it was
calm, and few boats. This is the sheltered anchorage, most only come here
to escape high winds. The more popular anchorage is the west side of Big
Majors. 20 boats bobbed in the bay when we went by. One of those boats was
"Pirate" They launched their dinghy and came over to welcome us to the
harbor. They'd met "Set Free' and they were looking for us, too. But we
had work to do. First, go to the Bahamas Telephone co. office, then to the Isles General Store for produce. On the way we met the people off "Grace", and "Special K" two sailboats from our Norman's Cay anchorage. They were the ones we'd shared a Mahi Mahi with. They were starting to turn north and slowly head home. Staniel Cay is very nice, lovely cottages along the sea, a medium sized settlment with several food stores. Once finished, we went to say hello and goodbye to "Set Free" who are also neading back north, and to "Pirate." "Pirate" is going to Georgetown, so we will see them again.