Farmers Cay 2

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 9 Feb 2011 13:33
First event was the wet tee shirt contest.  It went off while the races were underway, so few attended, if you can imagine that.  They also were earlier than scheduled, so even those wishing to attend or compete missed it.  Three brave ladies participated.  The winner was actually a very normal looking 50 year old gal. Ah, the Bahamas.  Next came the Men's Best Leg contest.  You KNOW who had to participate in that!?!  A field of 10 men lined up to strut their stuff.  Each took a couple minutes to dance, stretch, flex, and show off their legs.  I was surprised that all the men were in great shape and had nice legs.  Boating is very physical.  Valt made the semi-finals, and ended up third.  But he was ready for the next event:  The Men's Best Buns contest.  He donned several layers of pants, shirts, doo-wraps, hats, glasses, pirate patch and a cane before making his appearance.  He limped and wavered over to a tree and sat alone on the rock in the shade.  He asked one of the lady judges, Arlene from Kasidah to go and appear to coax him to join the fun.  He painstakingly crept to the end of the line on her arm, stumbling and even falling as he went.  Sympathetic contestants rushed to assist him.  The audience even gasped: Poor old guy.  When it was finally his turn, he limped out, did a strip tease down to some shorts and his cut off tee.  He strutted, he slicked his heels in the air, he danced. He was transformed into a handsome, much younger man.   The crowd loved it.  Of course, he made the semi-finals.  Then there was a three way tie.  But in the end, he prevailed.  He won the Best Buns contest.  What a coup.  He was probably the oldest man competing.  And the other contestants were also very fit and attractive.  All danced and strutted well.  But he was the best.  He was the celebrity of the day.   His prize was a bottle of rum, which he shared with his fellow performers and well wishers.  But the real prize was the glory of the win. 
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