When Pigs Fly?

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 2 Feb 2011 14:08
Of course that _expression_ refers to "Never".  But here in the Bahamas, while pigs do not fly, they are great swimmers.  Every cruiser in the area saves up veggie and fruit scraps, old bread, and dinner bits to take to feed the "girls." Placed here by the locals, one pig is occasionally harvested for a special occasion.  This causes much sadness to the cruisers who come to think of them as pets. 
When we neared Pig Beach, there were several people ashore.  The pigs were ignoring them.  A sow with two tiny piglets strolled the shore.  Then they heard the sweet sound of a dinghy motor, stood up, shook the sand off, and headed for the waterline.  Incredibly, they swam out to the boat to beg!  One even put its hooves on the dinghy and opened its mouth wide.  The wind took the food bits and it missed the mouth. The pig had to get down, lap the food up out of the salty water, and try again.   Food gone, we headed back to the settlement.  The supply boat had arrived a day early so we went to stock up on fresh stuff.  We also stopped at the little yellow house to buy bread.  The lady there bakes 4 batches of 8 loaves each day, $6 each.  And she was OUT of bread.  Or so she said.  Then she peered at me a little closer and said, "Aren't you the one who was here yesterday (they were out then, too.)?"  "You said you'd come today, so I set aside two loaves for you."  Yipee.    Heading south, we will not have a chance to shop again til Georgetown, some 2 weeks away. Jim and Janie came to dinner.  Mahi, of course.  We will follow separate paths after the weekend.  We will miss them.  A 1987 Trojan 12 meter motor vessel entered the harbour, Melanie Bear.  She was from the Georgian Bay, our old cruising area.  We had a 10 meter Trojan in those days.  They were familiar with all our favorite spots and we had a nice visit with them.  Many boats here are from the far north.  Some left as early as June to get here. 
Swimming Pigs
Begging Pigs
Pigs Really Begging
Leaving Pigs