Fish, Fish, Fish

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 30 Jan 2011 16:41
"How's your comfort level?" asked the Captain as we slipped through the smooth waters of the cut to the Sound.  "Great." said I.   "Too bad, everyone knows you catch more fish when you are uncomfortable."  But the issue was quickly solved as we moved into open water and the waves grew larger.  Maybe 3-5'.  The skies were an unusual gray. Three sailboats, their sails afurl, bobbed on the horizon.  We passed a catamaran, Lunasea.  I am sure he thought there was some lunacy on our wee little boat, too.    A black frigate bird, easily identified by his long tail, soared overhead.  We watched him nose ive to the surface and then abruptly pull back.  Since frigates go after the small fish, who lure the bigger fish to the mahi, we knew we were onto something.  Shadowing the big bird, we soon heard a line scream out.  Three mahi danced on the water as they raced to see who would get the prize.  We had our first catch of the day.  If we caught another one or two, we'd invite Jim and Janie from Pirate, along with their boat guests for dinner.  Maybe we'd just give them a whole fish.   The VHS radio crackled with conversation between two of the sailboats we'd spotted earlier.  "Whoa, did you see that?  A dinghy, you know the inflatable type, with three guys?  First I thought they had rifles, but they turned out to be fishing rods.  Out here in nowhere.  What an adrenalin rush."  They thought we were pirates?!? Ar Ar Ar. But three GUYS?!?  We were still laughing when we the line again played out with yet another fish.  He fought, he dove, he swam away.  But in the end he was ours.  We ate our lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks, apple, trail mix, and cookies while we waited for another strike.  The seas rolled a bit more, and the sky turned greyer.  We donned our long sleeved shirts, and finally threw our towel over our legs.  Could we be more miserable?  Surely we were due one more fish?  But we would catch no more today.  Back at the boat we cleaned the fish and the boat.  Neighbors came by to see our catch.  Life was good.