Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Winter

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 23 Apr 2009 18:53
April 22, 2009
Stepping away from the Georgetown social scene for a bit, we opted for some
balmy Bahama days aboard the "Amber Isle." We read a little, sunned, looked
at sunsets, puttered around the boat, Valt changed generator oil, and worked
on a dinghy maintenance project. Mornings were beach walk time. Late
afternoons we took leisurely dinghy rides around the harbour. Someone loaned
us a DVD movie.
All that changed on Wednesday. Awaking at 6:45am, Valt started the coffee,
we hoisted the anchor and headed out of Georgetown through the North Channel
Rocks Cut to Exuma Sound. The chart warns that good sunlight is needed to
safely exit this cut. But we'd entered it many times, and following our
compass heading and the electronic GPS charts, we went through easily. In
fact, the water was 20-25' deep, and the coral heads were deep enough to go
over. The ocean was very calm, and the swell small. We enjoyed our coffee
and oatmeal breakfast as we went. The sky was cloudy, and a light haze met
the water at the horizon. Valt had four fishing rigs off the transom. We'd
heard our friends aboard "Escargot" hailing another fishing boat asking if
they'd caught anything. Negative for both. We'd not had a hit yet, either,
but were still optimistic. We would spend the day out fishing and cruising,
then return to Georgetown this afternoon ahead of a cold front moving in
tonight. This front promised only 20-25 knot winds.
The waves and wind began to kick up, becoming 3-5'. We were not uncomfortable, and hoped the rougher seas would cause a fish to strike. But today was a zero fish day. Maybe the first we've had since we arrived. Making our way back to our Monument anchorage, we settled back into Georgetown life.