Allen's Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 18 Feb 2009 17:58
24:44.909N 076.50.253W
Feb. 15, 16, 17

After an incredible Yellow Bank crossing, we arrived at Allen's Cay.
Smaller South Allen's Cay is now owned by Nicholas Cage, although it has not
changed since he bought it. Still uninhabited by all except for the local
1-3' long
iguanas. There are more on the main island. Sometimes we go ashore and
feed them leftover veggies or fruit. They come right up to you to beg, but
we are wary of their sharp teeth. They are not aggressive, but do not see
well. Tour boats come to entertain their customers, and they try to avoid
feeding them the wrong foods. Instead providing cherries and long stick to
attach them to.
The anchorage was filled with boats, but there always seems to be room for
one more. We dropped our anchor and set quickly. The water was calm, and
everyone was out playing. Some ashore, others swimming, others dinghying.
Our tired souls took in the peaceful scene. More and more boats came in,
expanding our number to 23 boats. We pledged to stay awake til 9:00pm, and
in fact made it to 10pm. The boat rocked ever so slightly. Night Night.
The next afternoon, the wind kicked up. We launched the dinghy and took
the glass bottomed "look bucket" to see if our anchor was still set well.
It was and showed no signs of dragging. It was too windy to go ashore, so
we called a chore day to catch up on some necessary jobs. The forecast is
for 20 knot winds all week unil Friday. But we are in no hurry to leave
this wonderful spot.