Pipe Creek

Ambler Isle
V and S
Fri 14 Jan 2011 19:59
Leaving Compass Cay, we continued southeast just a couple miles to Pipe Creek.  Pipe Creek is a maze of small islands, sand bores, coral heads, rocks, and areas that are exposed sand at low tide.  All the islands are private, and somehow boaters navigate this maze to find a small, well protected anchorage.  We become obsessed with protected little spots here in the islands. We found a nice calm anchorage in 9' of water outside the creek.  Equipped with our new dinghy Garmin Chartplotter, we can tiptoe through the shallows.  It has given us a new freedom to explore new places safely.  So we loaded up the dinghy and went for a ride.  Entering an impossible cut, we connected the dots til we spotted 5 sailboats lined up neatly in a row.  One man was out and we stopped to chat.  Jim, and wife Linda, were aboard s/v Winsome. He eagerly invited us to come anchor there.  But as we sounded out the small bay, we realized there was no room for another big boat there.  And Amber Isle loves to swing about 180 degrees wildly in a breeze.  This would be a good spot for us if there was only 1-2 other boats there. Past the anchored boats we came to a small island called Over Yonder Cay. What did we see there?  Are we in Washington State visiting one of Eric's wind generator farms?  We were stunned to see 8 big wind turbines turning lazily in the wind.  The island looked like a construction site with huge piles of sand, heavy equipment, a number of big homes, and several large buildings.  There were also countless solar panels on the hillside.  This was the home of the boat salvage company.  
 It was one of the first times we were alone at anchor; most good bays are dotted with boats.   But by morning we were feeling a little wanderlust.  Valt busied himself modifying a window frame, Sandy washed the dinghy deck and then we weighed anchor and set sail for Big Majors by Staniel Cay.