Super Bowl At Little Farmers Cay

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 10 Feb 2011 15:55
We'd had a pretty busy weekend here at Farmers Cay.  But it was not over yet.  Super Bowl has become a national event in the Bahamas.  Every little bar, grill, and gathering spot sports big screen TV and food and drink specials.  Many cruisers go 20 miles or more, often staying in marinas at $2.50 per foot, just to be at their favorite football spot.  Roosevelt Nixon, our old friend and the owner of Little Farmers Cay Yacht Club had to compete.  The yacht club would not qualify for the name "yacht club" in the USA.  It consists of a ragged tee dock, holding maybe 4 boats.  Sometimes he has gas and diesel, sometimes not.  But he always has a big smile and warm welcome.  At age 76, Roosevelt starts his day at 5am, cooking breakfast for the working men.  On Super Bowl his day went well into midnight.  He purchased a new TV for his cruisers to enjoy the game.  It arrived that morning on the mail boat.  His wife, the settlement nurse helped out in the kitchen.  As we dinghied over to the yacht club that afternoon, we took a cruise around the harbour.  Again the water was ripple-less and we could see bottom.  We rode around looking at the big mooring blocks, the fish, the sand bar.  Again we saw no bottles, cans or other sign of boater trash on the sea floor.  Good on us.  There were about 30 people at the yacht club.  Most eating dinner, all drinking.  Roosevelt would have another good day.