Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 28 Apr 2011 21:41
The buzz all around town is Regatta, Regatta, Regatta.  Even the cruisers get caught up in the excitement.  But then, wherever two or more sailboats are gathered, a race always breaks out.  We watched freighters bringing racing sloops.  Finally the neighboring men could stand it no longer.  Jim hopped into his dinghy and collected Valt, Bobby, and Vic and headed to Regatta Pointe to watch them unload.  Some cruisers hang around hoping for a seat on one of the racing boats.  At 12:00 the steady drum beat could be heard all the way to Stocking Island.  I need earplugs when we go ashore, the music is that loud.  While the first official races will start on Thursday, practice runs and trials will begin Tuesday.  The spectators are equally excited over all races.  The favorite is Tida Wave from Staniel Cay.  They are the winningest team in the Bahamas.
On Monday night, we hosted a little party on the boat.  I made my boat pizzas, one lady brought beans, rice and sausage, another jerk chicken, and several types of dips and spreads.  Island entertaining always involves folks bringing some dish to share.  Valt served up his secret drink specials, and a good time was had by all.  Many boats getting ready to leave for the USA soon, so it was a sort of pre-farewell for all.  Tuesday we topped that off with another of our favorite 3-hour water floating/gab sessions with some of the same folks.  Don't know which is more fun. haha
Amber Isle will entertain guests this week, cousins Jack and Judy from Michigan.  Hope to catch lots of fish, dive lots of reefs, comb many beaches.  So writing may be less frequent on this site, but I am thinking of you all. (Y'all)