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Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 14 Apr 2011 22:23
April 14, 2011
We awoke restless.  Missing the family.  What to do?  Clean the waterline of the boat?  Pull maintenance on the dinghy?  Do laundry?  The weather report was great: calm winds, calm seas.  Time to get out of town. The dinghy was hoisted to its place up-top.   So we rigged the fishing gear, pulled anchor and exited Elizabeth Harbour via a new cut.  Although reef rimmed the Garmin chartplotter led us through safely.  Calling Jim and Janie of Pirate on the VHF radio, we told them of our new plans.  We trolled the 25 miles to Calabash Bay.  As soon as we were at sea we had a fish.  Sadly it was a big barracuda and we let it go.  We hoped it boded well for a successful catch, but we saw no other fish the entire time.  We enjoyed the trip over, ate lunch in the cockpit, and sunned.  The solitude was nice.  The NE swell was blessedly absent.  I caught up on some mail, both email and snail.  Eric delivered our pile of accumulated mail, but we had no time to really go through it.  We did check out the last of our Christmas cards right away.  There were few bills, we have most on automatic payments.  Son David and his wife Karen collect our mail, go thru the important stuff, pay any stray bills.  We are truly lucky to have them looking after things for us in our absence.  Ahead of sunset we arrived at Calabash and dropped anchor. There were only a couple other boats there, none close by.  A lone sailboat was on the horizon, probably headed here.  I always forget how beautiful the water is here, so little disturbance, so few boats.  It is even clearer here.  We would grill our supper, watch sunset, then relax for a few hours.  Bahama days are often like this: each the same, but each different.  Tomorrow we will launch the dinghy and spend the exploring and fishing.  Sometimes just the ride is the real activity of the day.