A Day of Snorkeling

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 1 May 2011 15:29
April 29, 2011
We packed diving gear and took the dinghy into nearby Joe's Sound, an inlet protected on all sides from foul weather.  The problem with going there to be in calm water is that we have to know in advance, and enter the narrow, shallow, rocky entrance in settled weather at high tide with Amber Isle.  It was easy however in the dinghy. Although shallow, maybe 12' in the deepest areas, several boats were at anchor there.  We went into the water to see the sea floor.  From the boat it seemed uninhabited, but using a mask we saw many little fish, conch, shells, and more.  We saw nassau grouper, puffer fish, even a school of large margates.  The water was 80 degrees.   After an hour or so we came back to the boat for a snack of trail mix and cold beer.  A couple of laughing gulls scolded us away from their nesting grounds.  Reluctant to leave the area, we cruised slowly around, stopping at a rocky outcropping nearby.  Jack went in and announced it beautiful  What a treat.  We joined him and saw many different kinds of coral, brain, golfball, flower, soft coral, fans, some we could not even name.  The reef teemed with 1000s of fish of all sizes and all descriptions.  The sun filtered thru the water and lit up the underwater seascape.  We'd seen no lobster, speared no fish.  But we were very happy, tired, and content after a day in the sea.  We cooked up another order of our fresh mahi.  The day had been perfect, but we had to leave tomorrow.  The forecast for Saturday was still good, but Sunday the wind direction would change to the ENE and kick up in speed.  We hoisted the dinghy into her cradle in preparation of the next days journey.