Calabash Bay 1201

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 20 Apr 2011 16:10
Well, maybe we have not been here 1201 times, but we sure do enjoy it here. 
It was time for a walk, so we anchored the dinghy, tying a second shore line to the stern and waded ashore in 1' of water.  It was already hot the moment we stepped ashore.  Jim and Diana were enjoying a seaside lunch and were going snorkeling.  We offered to take them on a dinghy ride to explore the coast afterwards.  Walking the part sand/ part rock road, we marveled at how difficult even a short car ride would be.  The uneven surface caused the cars to drive side to side to avoid the bump.  Still, several taxis and shuttles passed.  About a mile down the road we smelled the low tidal pool that banked each side of the road.  Small fish schooled along the edge.  Someone had left "lobster hotels" off their dock.  In a lobster hotel, the lobster is not trapped.  He goes under the flat corrugated panel for shelter.  He can come and go at will.  In a trap, the creature cannot get out and will die if the cage is not tended regularly.  We continued on the road another mile.  Finally we caught a glimpse of a car in the distance. That must be the main highway.  We turned around and returned to the resort.  Our newfound pals were still snorkeling.  A big barracuda came into the bay and she was trying to take a picture:  smile!  They grabbed their shirts and climbed aboard the dinghy.  We headed out to the north side of the island, stopping over reefs so they could peer into the clear water with our look bucket.  Wanting to give them a good show, we edged closer to shore by the shallower reefs.  We were surprised by the rugged coast line when viewed up close.  It was pocked with caves, rock houses and grottos.  Some were big enough to drive the dinghy into.  Back on Amber Isle, Valt mixed up his famous chocolate martinis.  We watched sunset from the "sky lounge" and took turns blowing the conch horn to celebrate.  Both Jim and Diana were able to make melodious sounds.  At 8pm, we dinghied back to the resort so they could have dinner.  They invited us along, but we declined, we were still in swimsuits and the small restaurant liked to close the kitchen at 8:30pm.  Maybe tomorrow.  So we whipped up chicken casa deias with a leftover chicken breast.  The moon was pretty incredible so we even sat outside for a while.  The temperature dropped to about 75 degrees, and with a slight wind, we had to come inside.  The wind waves were a bit bigger, and the annoying NE swell was back, although less than a foot.