Another Fine Bahama Day

Ambler Isle
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Thu 10 Mar 2011 12:23
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We were up at 6:30am.  A little early for us.  But we got a great weather report and began making plans to fish to Long Island, some 20 nautical miles to the NE. First we went ashore and climbed the hill to view the sea state.  It seemed calm, no white caps.   We lifted the dinghy.  Lifted the anchor and made for North Rocks Cut, 2 miles to our south.  It felt good to feel the engine purr.  But when we got to the cut, a nasty sea swell was squeezing into the small entrance.  The tide was going out.  We hoped it would be better as we went but soon found ourselves turning around.  Several choices:  anchor by this cut and be ready to exit in the morning or try the Conch Cay Cut to the north.  If it was also too rough we could anchor near that cut.  We opted to anchor near the Conch Cay Cut at the Monument.  Several boaters hailed us to say goodbye.  We'd made many new friends and would miss them.  Many would already be heading elsewhere before we returned next week. 
Yesterday we'd dinghied our neighbors Mark and Kathy from sailing cat Carina to the far shore to the pharmacy.  Once near shore, we anchored the dinghy and waded in.  While there we shopped at the A.I.D, Bahamas NAPA.  Then bought a few groceries.  Walking back to the boat we came to a big puddle across the road.  Heading to the puddle's edge to go around it I felt my foot slip.  The ground beneath the crust was muddy.  I skidded 4' before stopping abruptly and falling forward on my knee, then rocking onto my seat.  Coated with mud, my pride was the most wounded.   Next stop, we went to Exuma Market to buy a broccoli for Dream Catcher.  Finally to the Shop Rite for rum raisin ice cream.  We passed the baker Donald who sold pastries from his car and bought a coconut tart.  Back aboard Amber Isle, I began preparing dinner for Mick and Mary, Escargot.   I prepared my special spanish rice cassarole and dodo burgers, (aka mahi cakes). 
Over time, a familiar rhythm begins to shape our daily lives here.  Not unlike those we left behind, we get up, have breakfast, work (really work, or fish, or swim, or beachcomb), return home to eat, have some evening entertainments (guests, movie, book, game).  Sometimes the routine is broken by a boat ride, cruise, land entertainment.  Sometimes it is social, sometimes small quiet pleasures.  Location is the main difference.