Fish Hunting Mama

Ambler Isle
V and S
Mon 27 Apr 2009 19:59
April 25, 2009
Dropping in to visit on a friends' boat lead to an impromptu supper. Aboard "First
Look", Vicky and Bob served us rice in a black bean sauce with smoked sausage. Choice of toppings included cheese, onions, jalapenos, and sour cream. Sides of salad and fresh baked corn muffins rounded it out nicely. As we
sat enjoying the meal and company, voices outside announced more visitors,
Patricia and Alan from "Nauti Nauti." they told us a remarkable story.
Seems they'd just bought this boat 2 years ago, and last year Patricia, a
good swimmer, found herself overwhelmed in the ocean. She did not enjoy it
at all. Then, this season, she began doing breath-holding dives while
she snorkeled. She was a natural, and before long asked for a spear. Over
the past two months, Patricia has speared 17 fish, and 3 lobsters! She
proclaimed," When I get in the water, something is gonna die!" I am amazed
by her new found skills, because, I cannot do it. I have loved the water
all my life. We became certified Scuba Divers 30 years ago, diving at Grand
Cayman, Bonaire, Mexico, and the Great Lakes. In the Bahamas, we swim
everyday. I respect the ocean, but do not fear it or it's creatures. but,
I am a poor free diver. I struggle to get down 10 feet to retrieve a sea shell. Forget hunting, catching a fish, bringing it up. I love watching Valt do it but am merely an observer.