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Ambler Isle
V and S
Mon 18 May 2009 14:30
24:07.2N 76:23.7W
May 17, 2009
We left Rat Cay in the morning before coffee and fished all the way to Dothan Cut, near Staniel Cay. It was rough. We hooked two fish, one a mahi that we brought to the boat just before he leaped off the hook. The other just got away. Anchored off the Pig Beach, we watched boats come to feed the pigs. They are not wild pigs, just pigs put here to fatten until some reason to have a pig roast occurs on the island. Overnight I heard the resident goats bleating. We have seen iguanas here, too. We had a relaxing evening, and started Monday with the coffee ritual. I think we will move between the Majors Cays since the forecast is for SW winds tomorrow. There is more protection there. We may go to the grocery today, too. I started a loaf of my new-found recipe for No-Knead bread, a favorite with all. It takes 24 hours from first mix to finished loaf, but very little work. Funny, baking bread is such a part of life out here, but I rarely bake it when in the USA. Yippee for Kroger's.
David and Karen arrive Tuesday afternoon. We will continue the journal through their visit because we will stop at different places along this same route to enjoy fishing and snorkeling all the way back to Nassau. Photos may have to wait til we reach Florida and have broadband access again. s When we reach Nassau, they will fly home, and we will start our journey back to Florida.