We're Baaaaaaaack

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 6 May 2009 12:23
May 3, 2009
Exiting through our favorite North Channel Rocks Cut, the Amber Isle lurched
and rolled in the surge. All the tide waters rushing through the bottleneck
of the cut can cause huge waves. But, once we got out a bit farther, the
water settled down. All four fishing rigs down, Valt got set to catch "the
big one." We went into the 2000+ deep water. After about 5 miles, the reel
began to sing and I heard, "Fish on!" Valt began to reel it in while I put
the boat in idle, marked the spot on the GPS, and ran back to assist. A
beautiful mahi was landed and put on ice. We turned the boat back to go
back over the mark, and were rewarded with a huge 49" mahi. It was my turn
to reel it in and I struggled for several minutes, pulling, reeling,
pulling, until my arms ached. Finally I had to turn it back to Valt to get
it on the boat. What a fighter! It bucked and leaped. By the time we
closed the transom door, he was jumping 3' in the air. We placed a wet
towel over it's eyes and put rum into the gills to calm it, It took a
second shot of rum. Soon both were filleted and vacuum packed into meal
size portions. We would enjoy fresh mahi that night, and give some to our
friends Jillian and George who run St. Frances Resort and restaurant here
on the island. .