Happy Easter to All

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 24 Apr 2011 17:29
Happy Easter to all. 
This morning Janie and I donned funny hats and took her dinghy out to deliver treats to boats with small kids aboard.  She had a stash of candy and small toys, and we packed them in little bags.  We told them the Easter Bunny asked us to help him out and deliver them.  We had a great time, already planning how we could improve the gig next year. 
Today we enjoy a traditional Easter Dinner aboard Pirate.  They will prepare a ham and all the trimmings for about 8 boaters.  I will bring a sweet potatoe dish.  While this will be a fun event, we still think of those we cannot be with on the holiday:  our family and wonderful friends.   We miss you all.
The forecast sub-tropical storm far to the east of us appears to be dissipating.  Although we will not see the storm here, we  may get some rain and high winds tonight and tomorrow.  But we tucked up even closer to our hill and should be safe and sound. 
Hope you all (y'all) have a happy and blessed Easter.