Big City Life in Georgetown

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sun 29 Mar 2009 20:11
We moved to The Monument anchorage due to high south winds. It is named for the huge concrete monument on the hill, probably used years ago to lead ships to the nearby salt pond. Much calmer here.
We have only dipped a toe into the huge social cruisers community that is Georgetown. We know many of the boaters, and just visiting them a couple at a time takes a lot of time. We gave mahi dinner fixings to many. We also went to a fishing seminar put on by our old friend from Michigan Mick Steiner. 100 people showed up to learn how to fish. Saturday we went to a lunch cookout at the beach with 5-6 other couples. Friday we went to the settlement to the grocery store and were surprised by both the good variety and reasonable prices. More expensive than home, but still happy to get it. After shopping, we stopped by to see Lee and Charley, on "Windstar4". They are perhaps the most important people in the harbour, ham radio experts, involved in search and rescue operations with BASRA and the US Coast Guard, best friends with the Caribbean weather guru Chris Parker, etc. We like them because they are fun, . Also, Charlie is Latvian like Valt.
Every morning the VHF radio hosts the
"Cruiser's Net." This provides weather reports, community information, business info, and best of all
open mike for boaters. People can look for parts, look for advise, swap experiences, announce arrivals and departures, try to share cabs, and more. After the net, we listen in on other peoples conversations using the snoop radio, (aka VHF). And yes, I am sure they listen in on ours.
Sorry to be sending fewer pictures, but my computer mouse is acting up. It goes and hides in the corner, refusing to come out to play. I have learned many keyboard stroke commands, so can send and receive email, get weather, use most programs. Somehow, pictures are the most challenging to transfer without a mouse. I may try sending some again next time.