Leaving Geaorgetown for Vacation

Ambler Isle
V and S
Wed 1 Apr 2009 15:10
23:35.95N 075:22.00W
March 30, 2009
After 10 days in Georgetown we decided it was time for a vacation. We would
go first to Long Island, then to Conception Island, then to Rum Cay. The
route offers excellent fishing, and we hope to hunt some lobsters before
season closes April 1. But first we had to go to buy some dinghy gas, buy
fresh ice cream, and load up on telephone cards. Jim and Janie aboard
"Pirate" were heading that way, too. When we returned to the anchorage,
they'd already left. We said a few goodbyes, hoisted the dinghy into her
cradle on the flybridge, weighed anchor and were off. The sea was calm, a
very slight swell on our nose. Valt began rigging the fishing lines. It
was good to be at sea again. Our destination today is the north end of Long
Island at Calabash Bay, some 25 miles to the east. Tomorrow we'll go to
Conception, about 20 miles away. Although "Pirate" hopes to be in
Conception today, we calculated the trip there to take 7 hours if we did not
have to stop and bring in a fish. Getting in at 6:00pm would be too dark to
read the water and tiptoe through the coral reefs surrounding the bay.
Besides, we are on vacation: no need to hurry.
We reached Long Island about 5:30pm after landing three fish, a mahi, a
blackfin tuna, and a skipjack tuna which we released. The water was so calm
here that we could see the starfish, sand dollars, and sand ripples on the
bottom in 10'.