Another Day at Conception Island

Ambler Isle
V and S
Thu 2 Apr 2009 23:22
April 2, 2009
It is so beautiful at this incredible place, we decided to stay another day. The anchorage is open to the ocean,and boaters often get chased away by high winds and ocean swells. But today is fine and we are happy to be here. We went snorkeling for the first time this trip. The water is only 78 or so, but with a neoprene jacket I am comfortable. After a dinghy picnic, Valt and Jim (from Pirate) went fishing. I opted for a one hour beach walk. The beach is very clean, no shells, no seabeans, no seaglass. The sun was hot, so I took a little dip in the crystal water every so often. It was wonderful.
I cannot see how our next stop at Rum Cay can be any better than this. A perfect Bahama day.