The Majors Spot Shuffle

Ambler Isle
V and S
Sat 29 Jan 2011 15:52
Jan. 15, 2011
A quick trip to the Isles General Store yielded some bagels, English muffins, lettuce and tomatoes, onion, carrots, and eggs.  No good ice cream.  We'd hoped for more, but would not go hungry. We were still in Staniel Cay.  Friends Linda and Ted, from aboard s/v Nina came for a visit this morning.  We met them 5-6 years ago here and it is always a treat to see them every year.  They take their boat back to Connecticut at the end of the season here.  We tried to catch up on several years events as well as the trip over to the Bahamas.  Although the weather will change tomorrow, they are reluctant to move to the sheltered anchorage because it gets so crowded.  They'd rather tough out a big blow alone.  We, however, must move.  So we weighed anchor and moved back to the Between the Majors anchorage.  There were only 5 boats here, including Carleigh.  We had our choice of spots.  We opted, like an old dog,  to return to the old tried and true, and dropped the anchor in 10' of water.  It set immediately.  Even so, we hopped into the dinghy with the glass bottomed "lookie" bucket to make sure.  It was buried.  We sounded out the depths in the surrounding waters for when we would swing with either tide or wind.  We might go over some 5-6' water, but only at low tide.  Before returning to the boat we rode over to  s/vRomanta Sea just behind us.  We reported to them our anchor line scope and length and that our anchor was set firm.  They were very pleasant, a Canadian couple who now live in Abaco, Bahamas.  Soon Pretty Penny entered the anchorage, coming so close to us that Valt had to bring out the mustard to offer them some grey poupon.  They anchored nearby.  The winds were already hitting 21k from the southeast, perhaps the worse direction in this harbour.
Pirate, with Jim and Janie arrived and found their place.  They'd brought some supplies and mail for us and were eager to bring them over.  It was good to see them, too.  So many great stories to share.  As we sat in our rolling anchorage, we wondered if we'd come over too early.  After all the storm is tomorrow afternoon.  But sailors are early risers, and if we waited til tomorrow we might not find a good shelter.