Full Moon Party

Ambler Isle
V and S
Mon 13 Apr 2009 16:16
April 9, 2009
Well, we plunged head first into Georgetown society and went to a happy hour on Hamburger Beach to observe the full moon. There are a few picnic tables, and a section of beached dock that serves as a buffet table. I brought my new recipe for Fresh Mahi Dip, served with Triscuits. Scanning the items on the table, I was glad I'd decided against my bean salsa. There were already 15 similar salsa dishes.
We learned that since the moon is closest to the earth at the full moon, it rises just as the sun sets. This is a phenomenon you could not observe unless you had both an east and a west view of the ocean at sunset. Everyone climbed the highest point on the island, Monument Point. From there we waited patiently. A cloud somewhat obscured the entire scene, but it was breathtaking anyway.
It was dark when we climbed down, and Valt shone his flashlight on the roughly hewn stones. Once down, we returned to the banquet area where a young man sat on the ground playing a guitar and singing. We'd met him before at Black Pointe at Lorraine's Cafe. He was very entertaining. Then a cruiser took the guitar and began playing "Alice's Restaurant." But instead of singing the words, another cruiser jumped up and began a lilting, singsong recitation of a different tale to the same music. We were spellbound as we listened. What talented people.
When the no-see-ums made their appearance, we scurried to the dinghy dock to go home. The bright moonlight reflecting off the sand made it seem daytime.
The next morning when we awoke briefly at 6:30am, the big orange moon was still high in the sky. It looked the sun at about 10:00am.