More Fishing

Ambler Isle
V and S
Mon 18 Apr 2011 12:53
After a few morning chores, lubing the anchor winch, cleaning some outdoor light fixtures, and such, we loaded up fishing poles, lunch, and headed off in the dinghy.  We hugged the shoreline, making note of deep anchorage possiblities.  Deep here in the Bahamas means 7' or more.  We noted the reefs, and even dragged a few fishing lines over them.  A couple other fishing boats were out this morning.  Unlike yesterday, the Cape Santa Maria passage was much calmer.  There were no wind waves, and the persistent swell was maybe 1'.  Even in the dinghy it was comfortable.  As we moved out into the center of the passage, the swell increased to about 2'.  Still very pleasant.  There was a light breeze.  We caught a number of reef fish:  2 queen triggers, a sandtile, numerous strawberry groupers.  Enough for several days supper.  By the time we returned to the Amber Isle we had missed happy hour at the resort. But we had fish to clean, and all the related gear, including the dinghy.  After that, we had no desire to go anywhere.  Tired, but happy, we settled in for a nice trigger dinner. 
Back in Georgetown, a Parrothead Party was going on.  Jim and Janie were broadcasting Jimmy Buffett's first life radio broadcast from Tampa, Fl. on Hamburger Beach.  The old pirate was starting a world tour.  Guests were urged to wear Hawaiian shirts or pirate garb.  Of course, the obligatory dish-to-pass was also requested.  Trouble with these sunset cocktail parties is that you don't really get dinner. You get a variety of high calorie snacks.  Then when you get home at 9:30pm you start looking around for dinner fixings.  No wonder everyone needs to go on a diet when they return to the USA.  But even so, we were sad to miss it, and hoped it went as planned.  Because Mr. Buffett knew all of Georgetown was listening, it was hoped he might make a mention of the group.