Galapogas 5

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 6 Apr 2014 17:01

02n 82w
6 April 2014
13kts South
5kts 225degs.
Run 126, remaining 230 miles.

It's a chilly 26 degrees today and remains overcast.

We are still being shadowed by another yacht, somehow we have matched each other into the wind mono vs cat. It's still a bit too bouncy out here to make a house of cards so, that being the minimum kids standard, of course school is out for the day. Fair enough, it's actually too rough to make deck of card houses at times, and it's Sunday.

I've been down in the engine room again and so the generator is behaving itself again thank goodness. The tangled fishing lure popped out from under the boat and so we are back in business trying to extract something yummy from the Pacific, Asia says our Atlantic lures won't work this side.

30 minutes after I wrote that we hooked a truly massive marlin. Thankfully without a spinnaker up stopping the boat is easy and hove to we went before he took all the line. He still took huge amounts of line, we fought him for ages. Early on in the tussle whilst still fairly close to the boat gave a very impressive set of leaps, a big fat boy he was, I'd say well over 100 kilos. Anyway we eventually got him close enough to see the leader but then it all went wrong. It turns out that one of the two lines we lost the other day is still tangled on the port rudder, our friend managed to catch his line around the hook of the old lure and cleverly doubled back on it. He made another huge run and I had the rod being torn form my arms directly towards the port rudder from my starboard platform position whilst the fish was racing off behind me and jumping on the starboard side. Actually Denise was shouting knife knife cut the line as I was pretty much being pulled over the side. Soon after that the line broke and all we have now is a memory. This fish was destined for release but I did want my lure back. The lure was a simple unpainted wooden torpedo with a weighted tip and a size10 hook, I was given it at the shop and laughed however the guy clearly knew what he was talking about. First and last time out for this lure, pacific fish like simple fare?

We currently have a blue billed, blue eyed booby clamped to the the pulpit, he has been there preening for the past hour or so.

Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
SV Moxie