Atlantic Odyssey day 5

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sat 23 Nov 2013 12:12
Noon nov 23 2013 20.40.081n 023.52.37w
Wind 8kts NE, sog 5.5, dir 221, sea calm, sunny, one ship seen 6am, no yachts.

We were down to the last mouthfuls of tuna last night having dinner at the cockpit table when Asia gave out an almighty scream, we thought she must have seen a whale, alas the screaming reel gave the real story away. Fresh 7.5 kg tuna now back on the menu, Brian tells me he has never been fishing, this is some good introduction indeed!

Brian has been giving us French lessons and filming in the water from the boat with the gopro camera (now very high on my Christmas wish list), amazing amazing amazing wee camera, he poked it under the boat for less than a minute and filmed a wee fish swimming alongside the rudder! Really really need dolphins now! Spanish lessons with Jenny planned later. Kids making advent calendars, December looms.

Still no blowy stuff, I think we saw 10 knots for 15 minutes or so, but mostly 6 or 7 last 24 hours. Motored a few hours overnight. Very hot this morning 27 degs by 10am.

Sat comms have been unreliable, we are only getting signal half of the time so noon updates are getting sent a bit late. Tracker device has been eating batteries, all boats I think, rally website is now posting daily our manually provided locations. You can also see our track / posiion on the main menu / map page of this blog. Have given up on hf radio receiver.