Atlantic odyssey day 10 going nowhere slowly

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 27 Nov 2013 12:45
17.29.008n 031.10.921w 27 nov 2013

'gusting' 5.5kts NNW going on 2or3 kts often, hardly trade winds! Made poxy 84 miles past 24 hours, trying to conserve fuel so minimal motoring no favourable wind in grib forecast for next 3 days, 2013 unlucky for some!

Sog 3.0, calm, muggy 75%, hot, dir 214, Baro 1009

Frustrating conditions indeed, went up rig yesterday to tape up the little parasail snagging bits (1mm slot in spreader caps into which the 1mm strings managed to find yesterday), trying to sail in such light airs even the parasail struggles to stay aloft.

Grib shows low pressure to west and north of us (read headwind at this latitude expected in next couple of days), coupled with weathermans forecast decided head south 3am last night to get nearer to the bottom of it.

Sleep depravation catching up, I'm sleeping in saloon so get frequently woken usually because the sail has collapsed (which is what i am there for) next in line is Denise when something needs doing. Dolphins spotted yesterday for 1 minute. Kids making plasticine models, farm of 40 tortoises now, camel, sheep, pigs, birds looking quite good.

No fishing allowed yet.