Back to Ibiza - the Americans have landed.

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 26 Oct 2011 20:26
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We had to pop back to Ibiza as our good friends from Wimbledon the Conroy family came to stay for a few days.  60 mile trips like this used to be daunting, I guess we are growing used to life on the water.  On route we saw a swordfish leaping 200 metres away from Moxie but he failed to find our lure.
We stopped in Binirras for a few days, did a bit more rock jumping and I managed to swim smack into a jelly fish.  Don't worry too much about the jellyfish I'd been explaining to the kids, it is a bit like a static electric shock that is all.  Hmm, whilst that is (reasonably) true when you brush against a single tentacle, what this felt like was swimming into an electric fence, it really REALLY !!*%!!!ing hurt a lot and left a coke can size weeping blister on my shoulder that (almost 2 months later now) still shows a scar.  I figure that I must have swum fully into it and got the whole dose.
Battle scars
Young Michael was the star of the show, he spent every waking minute fishing.  Indeed Michael now holds the unofficial world record heaviest fish ever caught using cheese for bait.  He seconded this 10 minutes out of San Antonio harbour with a shout of dolphins.  Now at that stage we had seen just 2 dolphins since leaving Gibraltar and I was let's say a little skeptical of the claim and quite some minutes later we had not validated the claim.  BUT -No sooner than I said 'Well if Michael says he saw a dolphin, then there was a dolphin' - we actually saw one.  That was my Lion, witch, wardrobe Lucy moment.
Ibiza style, recon it will catch on?
We introduced Caroline to rock jumping which she took to with great courage and enthusiasm, it's a shame that Paul had to look after Michael (dig).  Asia upped the odds and soon ran out of anything higher to launch from, we called it stage 5.  Then later I towed the girls around behind the dingy on the bodyboards and managed to introduce Caroline to a jellyfish, luckily she is made of stronger stuff than I am and comparatively shrugged it off.
Quality father/son time
bed time
dinner time.
family time
Kids time, there was some bug going around that meant that at any time and in every photo at least one child had a tounge out.  Here's a rare shot without such symptoms.
It was fantastic to have some familiar company on the boat for a few days and was sad to see them go.