Baiona (updated)

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 11 Aug 2010 16:20
42.07.22N 008.50.62W Baiona

Yesterday we explored more around the beautiful Islas Cies.  The uni-kini is now passe, we have moved on and stumbled upon what the kids have termed a 'noodle beach'  Praida Nudista - this is where the no-kini is all the rage.  Umm, sorry no photos.

We are in Baiona our 2nd marina and making use of shore power, water, showers, supermarket and wifi , laundry will have to wait there are no washing machines at the marina and we have too much to cart to the laundrette, plus Denise has read ahead in the pilot and knows that the next marina has a collection, wash, dry, fold, deliver to boat service and there is nowhere to anchor there.  Baiona is our last stop in Spain however those Islands are tempting to go back to, decisions - decisions it's nice not having an agenda or deadlines for a change.

We have had a fantastic supermarketo experience, we found the big one with everything we need (like 2kg of prawns for 15 euros) and wine for 1.30 a bottle. Have so far resisted the 0.65 per litre chateau de tetra pac though.  This supermarket even sells meat that is not pig derived, blimey!  OK so it's a bit of a hike but we'd spotted a delivery guy earlier so when we got there we organised delivery to the boat.  In fact the groceries beat us back and were waiting on Moxie when we arrived - perfect!  2kg of prawns beat us too I'm afraid and I have to admit there was some wastage but that's still value for money!  We have also invested in an electric frying pan, we figure that one day we'll run out of gas and since we run the generator every day it may as well earn its keep.  "And tomorrow -Shrek Fans- I'm makin Waffles"

The Pinta replica is but a couple of hundred metres away from us, a bit smaller than we expected it's only 65 foot or so.  The entry fee was quite a shock in a good way, 2 euros each and Aranya  was free!.  At Wimbledon in June she was classed an Adult at £15.  The Pinta was a bit disappointing actually, no leaflet or any information in any language, just a wee ship and a few tired props.  I had to research on wiki for something to tell the kids.  So the Pinta was a support vessel, the main ship Santa Maria was bigger and was accompanied by two smaller ones.  The Santa Maria was lost in the Carribean so Columbus returned in the Pinta and landed here in Baiona.  He made three further journeys to the Americas.  Interestingly (read the wiki) he had all his distance calculations really really wrong, the Ancient Greeks had long before determined the world round and even at his death Columbus believed he'd landed (4 times) on the east coast of Asia, he'd actually originally set off for Japan.  Hey good on him, I know where he's coming from man.