Back in the East

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sat 1 Nov 2014 19:46
26.04s 179.04e
02 Nov 9am LT

We crossed the date line again last night so have now completed the entire Western Hemisphere, not bad for a couple of small town Otaki kids.

Still going well with plenty of breeze , fair seas and good boat speed, the weather is still warm enough for shorts, tee and barefoot uniform but that's about to change in a couple of days time. I think we are 2nd out of the boats that left Minerva, the Catana (actually a 52) flew past everyone Saturday morning, and leading the half boats is a jenneau 52 taking the rhumb line well off to our port side. Less than 20 miles behind us and chasing hard we have a beneteau 473, the same boat as Moxie 1. Of course it's not a race unless we win.

Not sure if I mentioned already but the girls and Carpe Diem kids got dressed up the other day and went trick or treating using the dinghy in Minerva. They did very well with most cruisers digging into their precious night watch goodies bag. Halloween is apparently not a big thing in Germany though. No goodies drop from the Air Force Orion that buzzed us all either.

The first group of boats a couple of days ahead are pretty much still motoring or motor sailing trying to arrive before Monday afternoon to Opua.

Time to put the rods out.