San Antonio - chance meeting with Chanti

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Tue 26 Jul 2011 21:28
San Antonio 38.58.61N 001.18.20E
We came to San Antonio to get the generator fixed and spent a night in the marina, it cost EUR 143 for one night! Aye carumba!  Included was a free gift, but you couldn't drink it so it didn't dull the pain.
Asia with our 'free' gift.
Chanti again.
Having escaped the marina we set anchor in San Antonio harbour and set to hanging washing that Denise had spent all morning getting done at the marina. We heard a whistle looked around and saw Carol and Craig on Chanti anchored two boats away. We knew they were headed for the islands but there are 4 islands and hundreds of anchorages here so it'd be possible to spend years not seeing each other, bumping into them is quite a surprise. Carol and Craig have great stories to tell having built and then circumnavigated 30 years ago on Chanti with their son Skye.
Chanti in San Antonio
3C's had a lot of drama leaving Gibraltar this year, they got into thick fog and the propeller shaft coupling parted leaving them becalmed in fog in Gibraltar straights with tide at 1.5 knots and water gushing in through the propeller shaft tube. Craig dove down to find the shaft hanging a few feet out of the boat managed to secure it with a rope just before it popped right out and headed for the bottom (he was still hanging onto the rope) and then get towed back into La Linea. If that was not drama enough they were being towed by a catamaran and the towing bridle managed to get entangled in the propeller, thank goodness catamarans have dual engines.
Chanti has set off for Mallorca, next time we'll make a plan to meet them.
We sent the cabin boys off with a formal invitation to tea.  Chanti.
San Antonio
In San Antonio you are far more likely to hear English than Spanish being spoken.  The place is crawling with young Brits here for a week in the sun.  Every evening a procession of sunset cruise boats leave the harbour with rave music blaring, people singing and screaming and they head out to drink, party see the sunset and returning 2 or 3 hours later.  I guess there are 60 - 80 people on each boat and it is EUR25 per head!  Meanwhile the sunset looks pretty good from right here in the harbour - or am I just getting old?  On return from the cruise they will head off to one of the many clubs, Ibiza is the nightclub capital of the world.
Sunset Ibiza
Walking around town it is predominantly cafes / restaurants.  And groups of girls with Bikinis on, and boys without shirts. Lots of boobs, bum cheeks, torsos, muscles and tattoo's are displayed, it's a competitive market out there, you're in town for a very short time so I guess one needs to display one's wares to the best effect possible.  In San Antonio it's very rare to see.. couples (it's groups of boys or groups of girls),  girls with more than two items of clothing on, boys with more than one piece.   Looking at club door prices it's around Euro 55 just to get in.
The town is very pretty with plenty of trees around the place, we'd like to move on though to a perfect anchorage for more diving and perhaps some fishing (I've bought a speargun and Apnea fins so need to rapidly improve my diving skills to justify the investment) but we need to wait again for the generator man.  It does give us a chance to catch up on some boat jobs, blog etc though but the kids are getting bored and restless.  The water is fantastically warm here though.
I'll blog the generator story separately.  Short version is that we've had it fixed, it starts now at least but is still not running 100% and we are having difficulty getting the mechanic back..