All aboard, next stop St Barts

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Fri 31 Jan 2014 02:01
17.04.53n 061.53.54w 30 jan 2014

Time is up on Antigua.

had a fantastic night out with Silhouette, Jim and Debbie on La Perle Noire (fourth time our paths have crossed, it is becoming an annual thing), and Richard and Rowena on Galene, a Westerly Ketch. We all trekked off to the crows nest in Jolly Harbour for happy hour followed by Shell's fish n chips. The fish and chip restaurant is a good 20 minute walk away from the harbour, the dining area is an old London routemaster double decker - kids loved it (all of us). On the walk home we spotted a tarantula crossing the road and after three speeding cars somehow managed to miss squishing him we rescued the massive arachnid with a flip flop taxi ride back to the verge.

Next day kids went swimming at the crows nest's pool while we did Internet, happy hour buckets of wadadli beer and half price cocktails. Thankfully I have managed to get one of our gas bottles refilled so cake is back on the menu.

Checking out, lol. Three offices in a row, customs, immigration and the port authority. So I go to the first one customs - go to the port authority first he says. Port authority has two women there chatting some unintelligible version of English and randomly interrupting it with questions to me, ok they are finished so to the next office - immigration, these two women are watching some American daytime trash on the telly - I'm in the wrong office need to go to customs first. Customs, I do the computer check out thing, he does something then gives me a fist full of paper - take these to immigration and then come back. tv still going but very officious despite, these children she says, 'do they go to school? Wow I think, never been asked that before. Passports stamped and I get sent back to customs with my stamped forms, hand these over and woohoo we are free to go.

So up with the sparrows tomorrow and off to St Barts, Euro's and French speaking again. St Barts is where rich people can't afford to go, sounds fun.