Figuera de Foz - (or is that de fog)

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Thu 26 Aug 2010 22:26
40.08.85N 008.51.46W Figueira de Foz Portugal 27 08 2010
We had a very uneventful trip down from Leixeos, but we like uneventful sometimes. 
Leaving Leixoes - Oh how we wish we had seen this well when entering
There was no wind for 11 of the 12 hour trip and 20 knots just for the last hour like just when we were navigating through the narrow entrance and berthing the boat and stuff.  So it was a long motor and our new tuna lures enjoyed the swim having now travelled 140 miles of Atlantic quite safely indeed. 
The entrance to Fig is up a river with the mouth being some 100 metres or so wide, they bring container ships in so we really had nothing to worry about.  The approach was made interesting due to the 15 or so small fishing boats right at the entrance forming what looked to be a blockade, interestingly they were all pointing the wrong way.  While we had a strong tidal current sweeping us south, all the fishing dinghies were pointed into a Northerly stream, the cross current at the entrance was quite something although not quite with the rapids we got back in Portsmouth Harbour entrance.  There was certainly no safe path through all the fishermen and their lines however we steamed in with a might is right attitude and they soon started peeling away.  By the time we got to what is obviously the prime the fishing spot they had all moved well clear and let us through with friendly waves.
Beach at the Foz - it's enormous.
With customs formalities complete we were directed to the fishing harbour for fuel but upon inspection decided that we still had enough.  The fuel dock might be fine for steel fishing trawlers but it's not exactly plastic yacht friendly with ragged concrete piles and car tyres aplenty.    So after a brief tour of the fishing harbour we returned to the full marina and so were directed to the incomplete section that has no shore power or water, barely any cleats, and fingers designed for little fizz boats (but is half price), also to get to the loo and shower we need to go in the tender which is a bit of a pain. 
There's an interesting market right opposite the marina gates, we enjoyed wandering around the fish stalls and seeing what looked familiar to us.  The girls were particularly impressed with a swordfish, hopefully one of those will take our tuna lure before we pack up for winter.  Denise likes the look of some plants there, the fly eating variety.  Next year we'll try one of these out for sure, the kids really want a pet after all.
Asia had some further dinghy driving lessons today in the marina and has managed her first engine start which she is very pleased with.  The marinas in Portugal have all been teaming with fish some of which are quite large 40cm or so.  They all seem to hang out at surface, hundreds of them and a fast approaching tender with an 8 year old at the tiller is apparently nothing to be concerned about.  The fish are so thick in places that we half expect to see seafood chowder appearing behind us as we go through, not so.  Last night whilst whizzing back from the loo (no pun), in fog of course, we managed to snare an onion sack which wrapped itself tightly around the prop and stalled the motor, thankfully we always take the oars.  The fog has been really patchy here, it seems to come and go every hour or so.
Our next stop is just 35 miles away and as soon as we get a fog free forecast we'll be off again.