Farewell Portimao

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 12 Jun 2011 20:31
We finally got all the parts together in one place to convert the Tinker rib to a sailing dinghy, so without further delay we cut a hole through the floor for the centreboard, fitted a mast locator and gudgeons for the tiller, sealed everything up and we were off, the marina was sporting at least 4 knots of every random direction wind and with a knot or so of tide things were not exactly living up to the hype.  The next day however we were able to get out into the harbour and had a nice tour of the anchorage.  The girls were desperately wanting a big gust to tip us out but thankfully it did not arrive. 
Double A's waiting for Dad.
Aranya loves playing in the sand, she'd been harping on for ages so we relented and gave her a bucket, we only left her for half an hour but by the time we came back there were people paying to see the results.
The Fiesa site is vast, but it only takes about 40 minutes or so to see it all.
The Fiesa sand sculpture exhibition, largest in the world apparently.  Very impressive but at the same time a bit dull.  I guess that they must spray the sand with something to stop the rain ruining it.  The whole are is rebuilt every year with a different theme, 2011 is animals.
Last of the provisioning before we headed off towards Gibraltar.  Oh and we finally remembered to take the decent camera and photograph some storks.  These ones are on the chimney at the sardine museum that we visited last year, at this time of the year they are rearing their young.
The generator issue has been sorted out, our mail finally arrived, the tinker is up and running, we are as good as ready so after almost a month we are off, destination somewhere east.
We really like Portimao so it took a bit of gumption to leave, indeed even the staff at the marina office were enticing us to remain a few more days, we'd been there so long that our fee was already at the monthly amount, a few more days would have been free.  Eventually we summoned the moxie to get along with our travels, I don't think Portimao has seen the last of us though.