Island Ponza, Italy

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Wed 3 Jul 2013 07:03
40.55.32N 012.57.67E  Cala Feola, Ponza Island  02 July 2013
Yesterday we motor sailed from Porto di Roma to Ponza Island, there is only about 6 knots of wind forecast for the next few days and hanging around in dog poo, mosquito infested Ostia did not appeal, we didn’t even swim there because the water was a dirty green colour (thousands of locals on the beach had no issues though), it seems that our idea of clean water is somewhat different from average.  There did not appear to be anywhere secure to leave the dinghy for another trip into Rome so if we wanted to do that there’d be more marina fees involved.  So we are in the crystal clear 26 degree waters of Ponza Island between Rome and Naples.
The trip was in a very calm sea and on one engine we managed 6.5 knots with the sails assisting.  With about 30 minutes to go we were treated to a terrific spectacle of nature.  100 metres off the beam we saw a manta ray leap from the water, summersault, and land with a tremendous splash of white water.  I really didn’t think that there would be manta rays in the Mediterranean but I guess that we have now confirmed otherwise.  Our view although brief was unmistakable, the massive plankton scooping jaws protruding from his face leaving very little doubt.  Our guess is that the breaching behaviour was to help rid himself of marine pests and growth like a humpback whale might.  The entire show was over in ten seconds with four or five separate jumps and yet amazingly we all got to see it, we’d never have got everyone on deck in time on Moxie One so there’s another plug for catamarans and the panoramic views we get from inside the cabin.  Ten seconds is not however long enough to get a camera out.
Unfortunately we have not yet managed to get ourselves a sim card for internet access which is proving to be a pain in the neck.  In Sardinia we were able to use the kindle to collect gmail and passage weather but it has not worked on the mainland or here in Ponza.