AO 14 hump day

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 1 Dec 2013 13:34
14.41.38n 036.29.89w 1 dec 2013
7.5 knots northerly, calm sea sunny, sog 4.6 dir 261

Yesterday was a mission, the wind blew either westerly or south westerly, so we'd be on starboard tack into the westerly and head reasonably west, but it would change slowly to south westerly and we'd be heading due south, time to tack. Into the south westerly we could sail slightly to the north of west which is good but then the wind shifts again to westerly and we are sailing nnw. So basically we ended up drawing these huge scallop shaped tacks on the chartplotter and making no ground to the west, but managing a few miles south chasing these elusive Easterly trade winds. So we did that all day and pushed 11 miles towards martinique and a few miles south in 6 hours, then the wind died so we sat and bobbed for 9 hours or so. Around 3 am a light northerly kicked in and virtually all of our progress past 24 hours has been due to that.

Weather now looks great, very light but from the north and coming around behind us over the next few days, we are on our way again! We have travelled 1600 miles and have 1400 to go, it's all downhill from here folks :-). Direction is good but a Bit more wind strength would make a huge difference.

John, fleet pos update please.