Atlantic Odyssey Day 7

Moxie - Beck Family Adventure
Mike, Denise, Asia and Aranya Beck
Sun 24 Nov 2013 19:48
Nov 24 2013 18.54.844N 025.27.843W
sog 6.7 dir 252 wind NE 14kts sea 1m 26 deg sunny

I think we did day 5 twice, there's no sense of time out here. Overcast this morning after a quiet night, headed a bit further south overnight and found some wind at about 6am just as the weather file said we would so we finally have the boat moving nicely again. I have been having great fun teasing everyone about our eta, 27 Dec at one stage. So now we head directly with the wind as it heads SSW until we get into the trade wind Easterlies, which look to still be quite light.

Yesterday the guitars and clarinets came out from retirement, kids opted for school, we watched half of The Life of Pi, and once again feasted on fresh tuna steaks. Fruit and veg telling the toll of 7 days at sea, a few casualties already. A few flying fish spotted, none on boat yet.

13:30 huge fish struck lure, got off after peeling half the line, we reeled back in and saw him behind the lure a huge grey mass in the wave, he struck again peeled off most of the line then somehow broke or perhaps,chewed through, the steel leader!